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We Are the Light

A Novel

“Every book editor knows the adage, ‘When you cry, you buy,’ i.e. acquire the manuscript for publication immediately. I was such an emotionally wrecked, tear-stained mess as I finished We Are the Light that I had a hard time even locating my phone to tell the literary agent that I had to publish it. So I envy you the good cry you’re in for when you read this beautiful, life-affirming new novel by the author of The Silver Linings Playbook.”

—Jofie F., VP, Publisher, on We Are the Light

Gilded Mountain

A Novel

“In Gilded Mountain, Kate Manning deftly explores labor rights, women’s rights, and immigration, but somehow the story doesn’t feel overburdened by issues—there’s also a love triangle, gorgeous sentences, and a driving plot that keeps the pages turning. Her descriptions of the Colorado mountain town where the story takes place are breathtaking, and readers will root for complicated heroine Sylvie Pelletier.”

—Kara W., Executive Editor, on Gilded Mountain

Kiss Her Once for Me

A Novel

“Alison Cochrun’s debut novel The Charm Offensive was an in-house favorite, and it wasn’t hard to see why. Charming, hilarious, and full of nuanced conversations about sexuality and mental health, the novel struck a chord with a wide range of readers. Alison brings all that and more to her sophomore novel Kiss Her Once for Me—adding a fake engagement, a hipster coffee shop, bookstore dates, and a holiday setting to the mix for the perfect fall rom-com.”

—Kaitlin O., Editor, on Kiss Her Once for Me

A History of Fear

A Novel

“I was alone in an unfamiliar hotel when I first read A History of Fear on submission. Bad choice. I couldn’t sleep at night, afraid that fiends—bird-like terrors—were stalking me from outside my window. Shadows turned into horrifying shapes; light was not enough to scare them away. Luke Dumas’s haunting literary suspense-horror gets under your skin. Is the devil a figment of our imagination? Or is the devil real? Well, you’ll have to find out yourself, but make sure to read this novel somewhere warm, open, and sunny. That’s the only way you’ll feel safe.”

—Loan L., Editor, on A History of Fear


Deliberate Cruelty

Truman Capote, the Millionaire's Wife, and the Murder of the Century

“Murder, betrayal, secrets, and intertwined literary and social scandals set among the elite of literary and cafe society, this is true crime with a murderess wearing a designer evening gown and dripping in jewels.”

—Trish T., VP, Executive Editor, on Deliberate Cruelty

Control Freak

My Epic Adventure Making Video Games

“I’ve always been fascinated by the people who create video games. Their work is more widely encountered than that of just about any artist, and yet they don’t seem to be accorded the same widespread reverence and respect. Cliff Bleszinski’s memoir will hopefully change that. He explains all that goes into making video games—the artistic talent, the painstaking toil, and the personal sacrifice. Even if you don’t play video games, you’ll walk away from this book recognizing them as a true art form and appreciating the genius of their creators.”

—Sean M., Executive Editor, on Control Freak

Our Red Book

Intimate Histories of Periods, Growing & Changing

“What I love most about this book is the range and breadth of voices Rachel brings in to discuss menstruation and first periods. She didn’t just seek contributions from women or teenaged girls. Rachel makes the point that everyone—male, female, nonbinary, gender nonconforming, old, young—is affected by issues related to menstruation, whether directly or indirectly. What emerges is a holistic, inclusive conversation about growing up and aging rather than a narrow discussion about puberty.”

—Carina G., Senior Editor, on Our Red Book

What Would Plato Think?

200+ Philosophical Questions That Could Change Your Life

“This book is a great way to learn from the greatest minds of history, without falling asleep while doing it! I also love how interactive the prompts are, really pushing readers to apply these big theories to their own lives.”

—Eileen M., Editor, on What Would Plato Do?

The Little Book of Rest

100+ Ways to Relax and Restore Your Mind, Body, and Soul

“It’s time to redefine rest! Rest isn’t just about getting a good night’s sleep anymore…it’s also an act of radical self-care that encourages you to take care of your whole self, including the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. This book is here to help with 100 easy, restful ways to focus on restoration, recovery, and a slower, happier pace of life. From practical tips (like turning off unnecessary notifications) to fun activities (like spending time cuddling or playing with a pet), you’ll find all the tools you need to get more rest today!”

—Julia J., Editor, on The Little Book of Rest

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